© 1976 - SuperSize Barbie Facemold

With the begining of the SuperStar era Mattel enlarged Barbie up to a SuperSize Barbie with 18 inch. The face is the same like the SuperStar facemold, just bigger.

The tall Barbies were not very succesfull, so Mattel issued only a few dolls. The first SuperSize Barbie were realizede in 1977. In the same year came also the SuperSize Christie und die SuperSize Bridal Barbie in the shops. 1979 followed a SuperSize Barbie with SuperHair (No. 2844), she had growing hairs and was the last SuperSize.

The headmark is: Taiwan / © 1976 Mattel Inc.

  • 1977 SuperSize Barbie #9828
  • Autor: Tanja
  • Zugriffe: 941
  • 1977 SuperSize Christie #9839
  • Autor: Tanja
  • Zugriffe: 864
  • 1979 SuperSize SuperHair (growing hair) Barbie #2844
  • Autor: Fuzzyken
  • Zugriffe: 442
  • 1996 Pretty Dreams / Träum Süß Barbie #13611
  • Autor: Tanja J.
  • Zugriffe: 363

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