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The "Models of the Moment" series was a Collector highlight in the begining of the new century. It's about the three models Nichelle (African) Marisa (Latino) and Daria (Caucasian). They came with a new posing body called model muse and every doll had a new collector face.

The Marisa facemold was only used for very few dolls.

The headmark is: TM / © 2003 Mattel INC.

  • 2004 Marisa Pretty Young Thing #C3821
  • Autor: DeeBlue
  • Zugriffe: 915
  • 2004 Marisa Pretty Young Thing #C3821
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 892
  • 2005 Marisa Beach Baby
  • Autor: Holger
  • Zugriffe: 786
  • 2009 Wicked Witch of the East Barbie
  • Autor: GH
  • Zugriffe: 818
  • 2018 Barbie styled by Iris Apfel #2 FWJ28
  • Autor: Markus
  • Zugriffe: 254

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