© 2014 - Collector Facemold Claudette

2015 brought us a new Barbie face in the collector line. The first doll in the new Mattel Harlem Theatre Collection was the Claudette Gordon Barbie. Accordingly her face was named Claudette.

Compared to other Barbies she an unusual angular face with pronounced cheekbones and a sharp chin. Another peculiarity are her full lips.

The headmark is: © 2014 Mattel

2015 Claudette Gordon CHX11

2015 Claudette Gordon Barbie (Gold Label)

  • 2015 Claudette Gordon CHX11
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 1387
  • 2016 Holiday Barbie AA DGX99
  • Autor: Markus
  • Zugriffe: 454
  • 2016 Holiday Barbie AA DGX99
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 535
  • 2017 Blush Fringed Gown Barbie DWF52
  • Autor: Markus
  • Zugriffe: 740
  • 2019 Mermaid Enchantress Barbie FXD51
  • Autor: GH
  • Zugriffe: 132

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