© 1958 - Fashion Queen Facemold

The face of the Fashion Queen Barbie (issue Date 1963 to 1965) is identical to the original Barbie facemold. Both were patented in 1958. But the Fashion Queen has molded brown hairs with a removable blue band. She came with three wigs in blonde, redhair and brunette with different hairstyles.

The Fashion Queen Barbie was available as regular doll (wearing a gold-white swimsuit with matching turban and white Open Toe Heels) and in a set including the head and three wigs.

Every Doll with this facemold is a Fashion Queen Barbie. The colour of her lips are (production based) changing from white over a pale peach to pink, corale or raspberry.

Within the "My Favorite Barbie" series" Mattel issued 2010 a Repro Fashion Queen

The headmark is inside the neck rim: © 1958 MATTEL INC. 722

  • 1963 Fashion Queen
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 465
  • 1963 Fashion Queen
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 478
  • 1963 Fashion Queen
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 471
  • 1963 Fashion Queen
  • Autor: A.S.
  • Zugriffe: 788
  • 1963 Fashion Queen with brunette wig
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 903
  • Fashion Queen with blonde wig
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 905
  • 1963 Fashion Queen with red wig
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 467
  • 1964 Fashion Queen Barbie Straight Legs
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 942
  • 2010 Barbie and Her Wig Wardrobe - Fashion Queen Repro Barbie R9524
  • Autor: Fashiondollz.de
  • Zugriffe: 598

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