© 1966 - Casey / Becky Facemold

Casey was Francies best friend (BF) and introduced a new face. She was issued 1967, nearly at the same as Twiggy who shares the facemold with Casey.

Casey was produced in two versions, with blonde and brunette hair. Red-haired Caseys, who also exist, are the result of a chemical reaction. The hair of the brunette Casey often oxidized.

Twiggy (1967-1968) was the first doll that Mattel designed after a living personality -according to the english fashion model Twiggy.

1971 the facemold was also used for one Francie (Malibu Francie) and Casey however used 1975 the Francie face (Baggy Casey).

Thrilling news in the Barbie year 2009: Mattel issued the mysterious Becky with a delay of 40 years. In the Sixties, Becky was announced on pictures as francies new BF, but she was never produced. Meanwhile ever again a Becky was spotted on ebay, supposedly a prototype, smuggled out of the Mattel factory... So Mattel concluded the mysterious doll, which did not exist, and Becky became life

Copyright of the Casey face: 1966

  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey, redhead #1180
  • Autor: Dolores
  • Zugriffe: 871
  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey, redhead #1180
  • Autor: Markus
  • Zugriffe: 394
  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey tizian, langhaarig #1180
  • Autor: Lizzy
  • Zugriffe: 886
  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey blonde #1180
  • Autor: Susanne
  • Zugriffe: 848
  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey brunette #1180
  • Autor: Susanne
  • Zugriffe: 859
  • 1967 Twist N Turn Casey, red-brown #1180
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 894
  • 1967 Twiggy
  • Autor: Fuzzyken
  • Zugriffe: 678
  • 1967 Twiggy
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 880
  • 1971 Sun Set Malibu Francie
  • Autor: Tanja
  • Zugriffe: 636
  • 2009 Most Mod Party Becky
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 892

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