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1974 Tuli-Chan / Quick Curl bzw. Tulip Francie, JapanMattel produced since 1959 (Boeki Kasha company?) Barbies in Japan, but not for the japanese market. The first Barbies came 61/62 in the japanese toy shops. The regular Barbie, was not particularly popular, so Mattel started with asian inspired Barbies for this market. The first doll with a new face for this market was the Japanese Midge. She had a sculpt with molded hair + wig.

1969/1970 (?) the Iki Iki (= active) Eli, also known as Living Eli, was introduced in Japan. She was the japanese girlfriend of Living Barbie and was exclusively sold in Japan. The Living Eli used the same living body like the Living Barbie, but she got her own new facemold with a lace chin.

At first glance, the Eli facemold is similar to the German Francie (1975). But Elis's nose is narrower and the nostrils are very close together.

The living Eli had brown eyes and rooted eyelashes, she is very rare and hard to find. According unconfirmed sources, followed the Sun Sun Eli short later as a japanese girlfriend of the Malibu Barbie. She used the same body like the Malibu Barbie, but was pale, not sun-tanned. But this information is without guarantee.

Further confirmed Infos: In the mid 70s, the Eli Facemold was used for the japanese butterfly Skipper, called Chocho Chan (1974-75). She was available in three variants, with blonde, brunette and titian hair, tied in two braids (pigtails).

Equally  a japanese Francie variant was produced with the Eli face. The Tuli chan was the Japanese counterpart to the Quick Curl Francie and was sold from 1974. She had the same body like the american version of the Quick Curl Francie. And there was a set with her own outfits.

1974 came a japanese version of the Sweet 16 Barbie in the shops. The Sweet 16 was also sold in the USA and is the "most common" Barbie with the Eli face.

Copyright of the face: 1970

Thanks to C. and Gina for the photos of these rare dolls!

  • 1970 Iki Iki (living) Eli, Japan exclusive
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 940
  • 1974-75 Chocho Chan / Butterfly Skipper
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 823
  • 1974 Tuli-Chan / Quick Curl bzw. Tulip Francie, Japan
  • Autor: Gina
  • Zugriffe: 1330
  • 1974 Sweet 16, Japan
  • Autor: Gina
  • Zugriffe: 792
  • 1974 Sweet 16 Barbie, Japan
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 1017
  • 1974 Sweet 16 Barbie, Japan Reroot
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 908
  • 1981 Takara Barbie Jenny, Japan
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 711
  • 1981 Takara Barbie Jenny, Japan
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 619

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