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The German Francie is the european Francie version, that was issued some years after the us-american Francie. She has a bigger head and no similarity with the namesake original. But there is much likeness with the japanese Living Eli Barbie hat was produced for the japanese market.

The German Francie was produced in two versions who differed only in their bodies and clothes. Both had blond hairs, blue eyes and an identical face painting. The first version wore a brown Linen dress with white collar and two white buttons. Her hairstyle was held sideways by a blue ribbon.

The second had a blue / red costume dress with flowered skirt. She had a red ribbon in the hair.
Unlike the first version, she had "busy" hands like the american busy Francie. She brought an accessoire set with her, including a record player, telefon, TV, suitcase and a tablet with two glases.

Copyright 1972

  • 1972 German Francie # 8520
  • Autor: A.S.
  • Zugriffe: 992
  • 1972 Busy German Francie
  • Autor: C.
  • Zugriffe: 539
  • German Francie & Busy German Francie
  • Autor: fuzzyken
  • Zugriffe: 1052

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