© 2007 - Diamond Castle - Phaedra Facemold

Barbie & The Diamond Castle was the 13. computer animateid Barbie Film: The three music muses Dori, Phaedra and Lydia lived happily on Diamond Castle until Lydia wanted to be the one and only muse and to deprive the world of music. To get rid of Dori and Phaedra, she bewitched her former girlfriends into stones. Apprentice Melody tries to rescue the two with the help of Liana (Barbie) and Alexa (Teresa).

The Muses Dori, Phaedra and apprentice Melody were realized as dolls with smaler facemolds, which seem to be modified classic Barbie Facemolds. Phaeda reminds to Teresa?

All three muses have the same headmark: © 2007 Mattel Inc.


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