© 1986 - Heart Family / Mom new Facemold

The Heart Familiy was "born" in the mideighties. They brought a new play theme in the children's room: Mother, Father, Child, Grandparents. The Heart Family was a beside line without references to Barbies world. The whole family was produced in a caucasian and in a afro-american variante.

In the begining the Heart Family Mom reused the Starr Kelley facemold. But finally 1987 she got her own cute face with closed moth and red red lips. The face was only used for the "
kiss & cuddle Set", which was available in two variants: Mom + Baby (Boy) and Mom & Dad + 2 Babies. The painting of the two moms differs a bit - presumably due the production...

The last Heart Family dolls were issued 1990. 20 years late the family concept was revived with the "Happy Family", around Barbies girlfriend Midge and Kens friend Alan.

The headmark is: © Mattel Inc. 1986

European kiss & cuddle Set - Mom + Baby
The hairs looks finer rooted, the light blond hair strand (pony right) is not so pronounced and the rouge on the cheeks is more discreetly.


USA Set kiss & cuddle Mom, Dad  + 2 Babies


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