© 2003 Flavas - Tika Facemold

Flavas is an ethnic hip hop series that Mattel started in 2003. It was a reacting to the competitive pressures of MGA's Bratz dolls. Flavas were produced until 2004. The target group of this dolls were children in the age of 8 plus.

Mattel issued six different Flavas dolls,  4 Girls and 2 boys: Kiyoni Brown, Happy D, Tika, p. Bo, Liam and Tre. Each character has got its own Facemold. The six differ in size (between 10 and 11.5 inches).

Tikas headmark is: TM © 2003 Mattel
  • 2003 Flavas Party Tika B7582
  • Autor: martinaa
  • Zugriffe: 758
  • 2003 Flavas Denim & Diamonds Tika
  • Autor: Uljana
  • Zugriffe: 676
  • 2004 Flavas Choice Awards Tika
  • Autor: martinaa
  • Zugriffe: 875

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