© 2001 - Happy Family - Alan Facemold

A new trial or the return of the long missing Alan, who disappeared straight after the wedding and was out of sight for 10 year. Now he got a new chance, a new face and the "Happy Family" could start. The new Alan face has ver broad smile with deep dimples beside the mourh. He got rooted hairs and a nice haircut.

The facemold was only used for the Happy Family Alan (caucasian and afro-american)

The headmark is: © 2001 Mattel Inc.

  • 2003 Happy Family - Alan & Ryan #56710
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 503
  • 2004 Happy Family Neighborhood - Happy 1st Birthday Alan & Ryan
  • Autor: martinaa
  • Zugriffe: 768

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