© 2002 My Scene Boy, flocked w. closed mouth

The Mattel My Scene series was about a friends clique with 7 girls and 5 boys. The girls shared the same heads, but for the boys were mainly 4 different sculpts in use:

  • 2002 closed mouth, flocked hairs - used for Sutton and Tyson
  • 2003 opened mouth, flocked hairs - only used for Sutton
  • 2003 opened mouth, rooted hairs (identical with the flocked head)
  • 2004 closed mouth, rooted hairs

After the My Scenes had crossed their heyday, Mattel started 2009 a final production series and presented River and Hudson with new sculpts. The boys were only sold in asia and mexico, so they are very rare and hard to find.

The gallery shows the 2002 My Scene Headmold with closed mouth and flocked hairs.

The headmark is: © (2002) MATTEL, INC

  • 2003 My Scene - Back to School - Sutton B6693
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 322
  • 2003 My Scene - Night on the Town Madison / Westley & Sutton B6709
  • Autor: Lena Schultz
  • Zugriffe: 375

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