My Fair Lady / Audrey Hepburn (1996)

In January 1996, Mattel issued within the Hollywod legend series a Barbie collector edition of the film classic "My Fair Lady", starring Audrey Hepburn. The edition included four Eliza Dolittle dolls in various costumes as well as a grey-mottled ken as Prof. Higgins.

The four "Eliza" Barbies used Barbie standard faces, but were designed to look alike. As Flower girl and at the embassy Ball Eliza Dolittle got the open smiling SuperStar face . "At Ascot" and "in her closing scene" she uses the Bob Mackie face with closed mouth.

  • 1996 My Fair Lady Eliza Doolittle - the Closing Scene
  • Autor: Ursula S.
  • Zugriffe: 660

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