Batman v Superman / Ben Affleck (2016)

The Barbie Collector year 2016 started with the three superhero: Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman - accompanying to the new Warner Brothers Film "Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice". All three dolls got their own facemolds, sculpts to likeness with the actors.

Batman was played by Ben Affleck, Mattel calls his sculpt simply "Ben Affleck". Batman got molded hairs and a slight beard shadow - which is a bit too pale, that it is only seen on the incidence of light. First impression is, he got dust or dirt in the face.

"Batman v Superman" was the first superhero real film, in which Superman and Batman meet and try to trump the forces. According to their super powers, the two guys got a muscular, fully moving superhero body. The body proportions resembles an action figure body. But it has the same double joints (elbows and knees) as the new made to move Barbiekörper.

Batman's mask and clothes can be undressed.

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