Brandy Norwood Celebrity Barbies (1999)

Mattel dedicated Brandy Norwood five (?) different Brandy Barbies with a likeness headmold. Te wide open laughing mouth with the marked dimples is often confused with the Adria face of 2001.

Brandy Barbie (orange / purple combination with skirt and pants)
Singing holiday Brandy (red skirt and top)
Stylin' hair Brandy (pink pants and pink top)
Super Star Brandy 1 (silver blue metallic pants, green top)
Super Star Brandy 2 (black pants, yellow jacket)

The headmark is: © 1999 BRANDNU. Inc.

  • 2000 Brandy Doll
  • Autor: martinaa
  • Zugriffe: 896
  • 2000 Stylin' Hair Brandy
  • Autor: Lydia
  • Zugriffe: 486
  • 2001 Singing Holiday Brandy
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 793

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