How to identify your Barbie

Have a look in the neck for her mark. All Mattel Barbies have a patent mark, that gives you the information, when this headmold was patented. The heads are usually patented one year (sometimes even more) before the first doll with this head came to the stores. The mark includes the name Mattel and the year - for example Mattel inc. 1966 or © 2016 Mattel.

Older dolls sometimes have the mark in the neck rim.

The first step is done, you know the patent year of your dolls head. Second step: look for heads with this patent year in our Barbie, Ken or Kids sculpt collection on the top of the left side. If not there - check even the beside series and the Movie or Celebrity dolls...

Then have a look at the picture gallery of the © year and with some luck you will find your doll and know who she is and when she came to the stores. If she is an "old" lady or a younger one...

Identify your doll with the help of the gallery and note the following indicators:
1. colour of her skin
2. her hair (colour, hairstyle, material, jewelry?)
3. her eyes (eye colour, makeup, eye brows, eye lashes, placement and number of light points)
4. earrings or none?
5. her outfit (in case she is wearing the original dress and accessoires)

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