© 1962 Ken Facemold painted hairs II Shorty

1962 Mattel issued a second Ken with painted hairs. He is 1/4 inch shorter - so he got the nickname Shorty. Also his head is a bit smaler and the Crew Cut on the head is a bit flatter.

Additionally he differs in the painting. Hortys eyeliner is thicker, even down at the outer corner of the eye. The iris is not darkly framed.

Left side Shorty, right side the first painted Ken

Shorty with typical eye painting

Shorts Body has the mark:
Ken ®
© 1960

Some Shorties ware without the ® the rest is equal

Shorty is 30 cm tall, the "normal Ken 31 cm.

Shortys knees and calves are stronger and the legs are generally burly and "muscular". The left leg is about 3-4 mm longer than the right.

Left side Shorty, right side the first painted Ken

Shorties legas and arms den Shorties are almost "swingy". On the right side of the but he has a fabrication flaw, which can be good visible or nearlty invisible. The damage in the mold must have happened quickly after starting the production, because almost all Shorties have this flaw.

The legs have a clear distance to the body edge

Some more Shortys...

  • 1963 Straight Legs Ken short Version
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 882

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