© 2011 - Fashionistas Ryan Facemold

With the Fashionistas series Ryan was introduced as new friend to Barbie and Ken. He got a new facemold with a narrower mouth than Ken and rooted hairs. His eyebrowes are unusual strong for a man in this young age.

The headmark is: © 2011 Mattel Inc.

  • 2012 Fashionistas Clutch Wave 2 Ryan
  • Autor: Britta
  • Zugriffe: 776
  • 2013 Fashionistas Rainbow Wave 1 Ryan
  • Autor: Lyra Moon
  • Zugriffe: 575
  • 2013 Fashionistas Rainbow Wave 2 Ryan
  • Autor: Lyra Moon
  • Zugriffe: 685

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