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Barbie's Fashionistas evolution started 2014 with new bodys and faces. As typical for boys, Ken was a bit later: His evolution started in 2016 with two new body types and many new faces for his friends and himself.

The "Camo Comeback" Fashionistas Ken (No 08) was the first with this new facemold. It is more striking and the nose is more curved than it ever was. The facial expression makes him look very seriously and mature. The sculpt reminds a little of the Harley headmold (2009). The hipster hairstyle consists of long, upward-styled coat and the sides are cut very short.

But The "Camo Comeback" Ken (No 08) presented us not only a new face he was even the first broad guy! Since now Ken can have a broad, original or slim body!

Because Mattel gave the no name, so we call this face "Camo Comeback", until we know it better.

The headmark is: © 2016 Mattel

2017 Fashionistas Ken - Wave 2 #8 Camo Comeback (Broad) FNH40

  • 2017 Fashionistas - Wave 2 #8 Camo Comeback (Broad) FNH40
  • Autor: Manou
  • Zugriffe: 520
  • 2018 Fashionistas - Wave 1 #15 Tropical Vibes (Slim) FJF73
  • Autor: martinaa
  • Zugriffe: 381
  • 2019 Fashionistas -Wave 1 #117 Slick Plaid Ken (Slim) FXL64
  • Autor: Markus
  • Zugriffe: 252
  • 2019 You can be anything - Soccer Player Ken FXP02
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 146
  • 2019 You can be anything - Soccer Player Ken FXP02
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 149

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