© 2016 - Fashionistas Steven Facemold

Steven got 2016 again a new facemold. Better said, the collector community presumed Fashionistas Ken No. 5 shall be the new Steven. Not sure about because Mattel lately only use numbers and fashion titles for their dolls, no names. So we call this face Steven 2016 until we get newer information.

The new Steven has again molded hairs, but the hair is fuller than the last sculpt from 2006. His mouth is closed. He also got a new body (© 2016) untermed a new head-adapter. The new adapter makes the head more immobile, but it’s easy to take it off with a softly rotation.

The headmark is: © 2016 Mattel

  • 2017 Fashionistas - Wave 1 #5 Hip Hoodie Steven DWK46
  • Autor: Dagmar
  • Zugriffe: 668

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