© 2006 - Kelly / Sea Pixies Facemold

2006 was the experimental Kelly Year. Mattel patented at least 5 or more new faces for the little Kelly and her friends. This face was first time used for the Sea Pixies (only europe). The facemold remembers much to the formerly Kelly face from 1994 with a broader smile.

Even the Sunflower Park Kenzie (2007), one of Kellys little friends used this face and the two kids in the "I can be... Swim Teacher" Set

The headmark is: © 2006 MATTEL INC.

  • 2007 Sea Pixies - Mermaid Kelly, blue / Meerjungfrau Shelly, blau L6903
  • Autor: Jens Z.
  • Zugriffe: 452
  • 2007 Candy Cane Kelly K9186
  • Autor: Uljana
  • Zugriffe: 306

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