© 1969 - Fluff / Tiff Facemold (BF Skipper)

After Skipper had been without any friends for some years (Skooter and Ricky were discontinued since 1967) she got 1971 a new friend - called Fluff. Fluff had same living body like Skipper at this time. So they could share their wardobe.

Fluff had a cute face with tracing packs and dimples. Sadly she was only produced beween 1971 and 1972 in one version. She had shoulder-length, slightly curly blond hair with pony and two high-attached braids.

The following friend for Skipper was Tiff, she was introduced 1972 and reused Fluffs facemold. Like Fluff she was only poduced one year and in one edition. The Pose'n Play Tiff had smooth, medium-long reddish hair and a middle crest.

The headmark is in the rim: ©1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan

Living Fluff

1971 Living Fluff

1971 Living Fluff

Pose'n Play Tiff

1972 Pose 'n Play Tiff

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